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Paragraph IV
about us
is a R&D driven and innovation focused novel biopharmaceutical company. The company focuses on high-end generics as well as innovative drugs. For the high-end generics, ForeFront's portfolio includes difficult-to-synthesis molecules which may also involve semisynthetic, innovative drug delivery systems such as CR & SR formulation, fixed dose combination technologies, etc.. The company targets to file P IV and 505b2 in US and EU, and aims to file Category 1, 3, and 4 drugs in China independently and/or in collaboration with strategic partners. The company is active in Oncology, Anti-Inflammation, Antiviral, CVS, CNS disease areas for both generic and....
CPHI Shanghai 2017 Date: June, 20--22, 2017 Place: Shanghai, China Visit us at.:
contact us
Shanghai ForeFront Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Address: 1st Floor West, Building 7, No. 249, Faladi Road Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park Shanghai Pudong, China
Email: contactus@forefrontpharma.com
Website: www.eezzp.com
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